Christian Vision

Growing healthy bodies, loving hearts and inquisitive minds

Our vision is to create an environment that nourishes the body, soul and mind and awakens our inherent curiosity, for learning and compassion for humanity. 

This theologically rooted Christian vision builds on the Church of England’s vision to educate for ‘life in all its fullness‘ (John 10:10) and complements our Trust's vision of flourishing together through Christian fellowship .

Growing healthy bodies places value on our physical, emotional and spiritual health and recognises life as a precious gift to be nurtured, cared for and valued.

Likewise, love is precious, patient and kind and does not envy, boast or insist on its own way. Instead, love rejoices with truth. Nurturing a loving heart recognises an expression of God’s love as an unselfish and benevolent concern for each other through fellowship, stewardship, courageous advocacy and the choices we make. 

Finally, fostering curiosity and nurturing an inquiring mind is the bedrock for equipping humankind with the tools to pursue knowledge and wisdom needed to flourish and make a positive contribution to the world. This is because curiosity feeds our  eagerness to learn, to find out about things and seek the truth. Learning to read, write, handle numbers and develop a knowledge and understanding of the world through subject disciplines is crucial in equipping children with the capital they need to thrive. 

It is our foundation as a Church school to live this Christian vision in everything we do as an outward expression of the Christian faith. Embracing a distinctively Christian identity involves embodying the teachings of Jesus, honouring the inherent value and uniqueness of every person, and fostering a community where all can live well and support one another in their spiritual journey.

                                                                                                                                                          Living life in all its fullness - John's Gospel 10:10