Special Educational Needs

If you would like to speak to the school’s Special Education Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO), please contact Mr M Hawrylak or Mrs Metson via the school office or phone us on 01371 810423.

There are many reasons why children may need extra help. Sometimes it will be for a short period. Sometimes it will be for the longer term. This is because all children are unique and learn at different rates and some children may need extra support in the classroom

Where children have a significantly difficulty in learning and need additional or different support to children of similar age, they may have special education needs.

If we believe a child has SEND, we will discuss the child’s parents and set up a plan. This plan called a One Plan. 

The One Plan outlines a child’s needs, what we are trying to achieve in terms of educational outcomes and the support that will put in place to help the child achieve these outcomes.

It is important to us that all children feel a sense of connection and belonging. This means children with special needs are supported in the classroom wherever possible through high quality adaptive teaching. This enables children with SEND learn alongside their peers through careful adjustments from a skillful, responsive teachers and Learning Support Assistants. 

Sometimes a child may need a specific intervention or programme of support that is different from the other children in the class. The class teacher is responsible for planning special needs activities (provision) but may ask other adults in the school to help deliver this extra help.

Our approach to inclusion recognises that children with SEND may occasionally need a modified curriculum that is suited to their needs rather than expect them to fit into a curriculum and approach designed for the mainstream population. Where this is the case, we will discuss this with parents and set up a plan.

Please click below for a copy of our SEND Information Report.